best lightweight strollers for travelStrollers, pushchairs or prams have become an essential part of caring for a baby in the modern world. Consequently, whenever we are in a position to buy a baby stroller, it is essential that we find the best stroller that we can afford. Buying the best stroller affordable does not necessarily mean buying an expensive luxury stroller. There are plenty of affordable, cheap strollers and prams UK on the market at any given time. All that it takes is a little bit of due diligence and consideration. One of the best ways for anyone to find the best stroller in UK is with the aid of best strollers reviews and ratings. Best stroller reviews, like any other product reviews are mostly independent account of the performance of the best strollers on the market given by people who have bought and used those baby pushchairs and prams in the past.

A Top stroller should be a good investment

Even though a travel system stroller is amongst the most high priced equipment you should have to purchase when a baby is on its way, it could actually be of the most practical assistance until your little one gets to the age of about three or four years old. Consequently, when you make a wise decision and choose the best stroller for your needs, it can turn out to be an outstanding investment.

Most of the best strollers are affordable

At any particular point in time, the market provides lots of cheap and affordable strollers as well as expensive, luxury strollers. However price is not always a guarantee of suitability. On the other hand, for those on a budget, cheap prams and strollers may be the only option. Having said that a cheap stroller may not necessarily mean a substandard pushchair travel system and in our best strollers reviews UK provided below, we have found a few affordable strollers of excellent quality and price.

Lots of different baby stroller brands to choose from

The problem with searching for the best strollers UK is that there are so many different models and brands to choose from. Consequently, it is worth taking time to check out the best strollers on offer in 2018 to ensure that you are buying the absolute best travel system stroller for your family needs. On this website, we have provided best strollers buying guide as well as the best strollers reviews on this page.

Identify the best stroller for your needs

Before we start looking for the best strollers in UK, it isbest pram for newborn important that we identify the type of strollers that will best serve our needs and that of the baby. This is because these days there are strollers to suite very many situations. For example there are lightweight strollers for travel, umbrella strollers, stroller and car seat combo, best pram for newborn etc. Consequently, if we are looking for best pram for newborn baby then our efforts should be concentrated on reviewing the best prams for newborn. Similarly if we are looking to buy a best travel stroller 2018 then we should be evaluating the best lightweight stroller for travelling in 2018 and if we have twins then it is obvious that our search should be concentrated around the best double stroller for twins.

Here are some of the best strollers for 2018

To properly evaluate the best strollers in UK 2018, there are many variables to take into account and making the right choice will reward you and your baby in the long run. If you are looking for the best stroller in UK for your infant, take a look at the best strollers reviews and ratings that we have compiled and presented below:

1. New-Zeta Vooom Raspberry (Dots) Buggy-Stroller Pushchair With-Large Sun-Canopy Hood – The best strollers in UK for mewborn


Are you looking for the best stroller for your newborn baby? If yes, New Zeta-Vooom Raspberry (Dots) Buggy-Stroller Pushchair with a large sun-canopy hood and a rain cover is one of the top rated baby strollers for infants. With a seating
arrangement for one, these cheap strollers provide a safe and secure accommodation for your baby. This Zeta Vooom is a stroller suitable for newborn. It comes in as a very lightweight stroller that can be used for travel. It is also a compact stroller with great manoeuvrability.

Main Features


Going through the best baby strollers reviews will bring you to the New Zeta-Vooom Raspberry (Dots) Buggy Stroller. What makes it one of the best buggy 2018 is its quality. The high-quality materials used to develop the stroller makes it quite durable, which is rarely seen in the buggies introduced by other brands.


When your child is in a stroller, you will always need to be ensured of proper protection for them. This top rated baby stroller has a complete rain cover attached that makes it one of the best umbrella strollers for travel for babies. The special drop-down hood is another feature that provides protection to infants.


Any stroller that wants to become one of the best strollers in UK must provide comfort for baby and parent. Discomfort for an infant may spoil your travel plans as your baby will surely cry out of restlessness. The Zeta Vooom strollers are classed as one of the best strollers because they will not only provide a luxurious trip but will also make it a comfortable tour for your child. The highly-padded seat-unit with padded shoulder-pads helps provide a comfortable ride for a baby.

Multiple position support

Babies rarely remain still for even a few seconds. They keep on moving especially when travelling in a stroller. The stroller may not offer that much space for movement but with the Zeta Vooom, being one of the best lightweight strollers for travel lets your child move in various directions. The multi-position recline feature makes it a lightweight buggy that is suitable for new born babies.


• New-Zeta Vooom Raspberry offers protection against rain.

• It offers immense comfort to infants through its
multi-position recline and padded seat unit.

* It is one of the best lightweight strollers of 2017.


• The New-Zeta Vooom Raspberry has Limited shipping boundary

• If you have twins, you need to buy two strollers or look for a double stroller as one lightweight buggy will not accommodate both.

Quick Overview & Review

With multiple protection and high-quality features, Zeta’s Vooom raspberry has become one of the best pram for newborn nowadays. This best stroller in the UK contender also comes at an affordable price. It is much regarded as one of the best compact lightweight strollers for travel in its class.

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2. Baby Jogger-City Mini GT Stroller – The best lightweight strollers for newborns


Parents hardly make any travel plans when they have a newborn to look after. They may plan short trips but longer trips are a big NO. The Baby Jogger-City Mini GT Stroller – Single, Black is one of the best lightweight strollers for newborns. Up until about the age of 3, you can comfortably carry your baby in this folding stroller for travel.

Main Features

Here are some of the main features of this lightweight buggy that makes it one of the best compact, lightweight strollers for parents who travel frequently.

All-Terrain Wheel

One of the best feature that make the city mini GT unique is its all-terrain wheel. If you are afraid of a trip to a rough terrain because you have a newborn, buy on of these lightweight strollers and it should make things more comfortable. The adjustable handlebar, manual parking brake, etc. are some of the features that make the stroller best for all kinds of terrains.

Foldable Technology

This lightweight buggy is well-equipped with latest folding technology. As soon as you lift a strap with one hand, your newbie’s sedan folds itself. The folding mechanism is simple and convenient and is done without making a lot of noise. The auto-lock feature of the lightweight buggy makes it one of the best lightweight stroller for travel in 2018.

Adaptable Travel System

The city mini GT strollers turn into a travel system in a heartbeat. You can choose the car seat adapter based on whatever suits your car seat. You can use it in your travel system. This makes these buggies one of the best travel system strollers for your angel.


Having a comfortable seat is a common yet most important feature that every stroller needs to have. The seat is so designed in such a way that it reclines to almost a flat position with vents. The city mini GT stroller also has a weather cover to protect your infant.


• Best infant stroller for any kind of land, hilly or rough terrain.

• A compact lightweight stroller that is comfortable and safe.

• An easily foldable stroller and convenient to carry


• The city mini GT stroller is not recommended for older children.

Overall Review

Most of the best stroller reviews UK in 2018 has the city mini GT buggy on their list for a reason. It is a compact, comfortable and easy to use stroller. Apart from the fact that it is not suitable for older children, the baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller is one of the best small folding strollers on the market.

For more details click here: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller – Single, Black

3. iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair – Lightweight Buggy


The iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair – Flowers is a UK stroller that is suitable for babies straight from birth. It is designed with the very latest high quality components and comes with a bumper bar and footmuff. This infant stroller has four recline positions that give a baby the ultimate comfort. If you are looking for the best lightweight strollers for travel, then this iSafe stroller is worth considering.


– The infant stroller has a very huge shopping basket.
– It has a parent window embedded on the large hood that expands and retracts.
– The large hood of the iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair also has extra pockets that can be used to store any item
– It has ergonomic handles that reduces the effort exerted on the lightweight pram
– The iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair has swivel wheels that can look automatically at will.
– The pram has a footrest that can be adjusted and thus provide the highest comfort for the toddler.

– The iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair has numerous pockets that can be used to store baby items such as pampers, food, – extra clothes and so forth.
– The stroller has unique handles that provide maximum comfort for mums
– It is the best pram for newborn because it has a very large hood that provide shade during sunny condition as well as shield the baby from rain.

The iSafe Buggy Stroller Pushchair has a fixed handle height and therefore it can be really compromising at times for tall moms. In addition, it is much more expensive compared to the other best lightweight strollers for travel with the same features. Consequently it does not fall into the category of cheap strollers UK.

Overall review
The iSafe buggy stroller pushchair is the best lightweight stroller for travel engagement such as trips to the local shop. It is a good quality infant stroller that is easy to push and manoeuvre.

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4. Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair – Best Buggy For Toddler


The Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair is designed to make travelling easier and comfortable for both child and parent and it performs that task very well. It is one of the best folding strollers for travel. The Zeta has 5 recline positions that provide maximum comfort for toddlers. It is a top rated baby stroller because your little one can either sit upright or lie down for a nap as you travel.

– The Zeta Citi stroller has an enormous shopping basket that can store numerous items
– It has ergonomic handles that provide maximum comfort to parents
– It has a parent window on the large hood
– The toddler can adjust the position of their feet given the adjustable footrest that come with the stroller.
– The Zeta Citi stroller has swivel wheels that provide mums with a large dimension of movement.

– The Zeta provides the best umbrella strollers for travel
– If you are looking for cheap strollers with the very unique and mainstream features, then the Zeta provides the ultimate choice.
– Zeta strollers are the ideal choice for travel because they have a lightweight buggy feature that defies any climate.
– This is one of the best lightweight travel strollers of 2018.
– It is an infant stroller with very large hood that shields a baby from adverse conditions such as cold weather and rain.

The stroller requires frequent maintenance procedures by the user which can be rather tiring. It cannot handle a weight of 15 kg and more, therefore, caution should be taken when stuffing baby items on the stroller. It is also not a good stroller for toddlers as it is only suitable for infants under 12 months old.

The Zeta Citi stroller is one of the best cheap strollers on the market as it provide a lot of the features found in high end luxury strollers at an affordable price. It compares really well with most of the best strollers of 2016 and 2017. One of the best features of the Zeta Citi stroller is that it is a lightweight stroller that is well suited for newborns.

Check it out here: Zeta Citi Stroller Buggy Pushchair – Plum

5. Graco Evo Pushchair – Lime

Product Description

The Graco Evo Pushchair was regarded as one of the best pushchairs of 2017 and still ranks amongst the best value pushchair in 2018. This elegant pushchair is truly comforting for your baby, and convenient for your use. The swivel front wheels are lockable, to prevent the chair from sliding forward, with the seat being reversible, and highly comfortable. It is suitable for kids of various ages and weights and comes with a shopping basket included. This baby stroller is available in various colours apart from navy, including sand, slate, chilli, and khaki. The stroller can be variously inclined, and there is a fully functional foot rest and rain cover. It is easy to use and fold into a space saving structure making it one of the best compact strollers on sale.

Product Features

• Reversible seat with several incline positions, including lie flat
• Comfort padded seat
• Robust, lockable Front wheel swivel
• Removable foot muff
• Shopping basket included
• Elegant navy color, and other colors
• Flexible Rain protection cover


– Easy use – The Babyway Stylus pushchair is one easy to use pushchair
– Shopping fun – Added shopping convenience due to the shopping basket feature
– Low maintenance – Easy maintenance, including the fact that you can easily remove the foot rest and rain cover for cleaning.
– Flexibility – The harness is quite practical as being adjustable makes it suitable for babies of various sizes and ages even as they grow.


Even thought it is one of the best Pushchairs in the market, the Graco Evo Pushchair – Navy also has some limitations, which include:
– Price – The strollers is a bit costly as compared to some other variants in the market
– Space consuming – on folding, the pushchair consumes quite some space, especially if you have to store it in the trunk of the car.

Overall Review

It can be worthwhile to invest in the Graco Evo Pushchair – Lime if maximum comfort for your baby and easy operation is what you are looking for. Great pushchair. Assembly is very easy, a fairly light stroller that is versatile in many ways. This infant stroller is value for money. You can spend $500 on some stroller brand and not receive half the value you are going to get from this one.

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6. Hauck Viper Jogger – Caviar/Beige

Product Description

When it comes to safety, and maximum comfort when carrying a baby in a travel system stroller, the Hauck Viper Jogger – Caviar/Grey is one of the best strollers in the UK market. This baby stroller is easy and flexible to use, highly convenient in many ways. The harness is fitted with safety assuring shoulder straps, which are also padded for added comfort. There is also an adjustable back rest and footrest, as well as a bumper that guarantees added security. The stroller also comes with a shopping basket, making it quite practical and experiential when parents go out shopping with their babies.

Product Features

• The stroller comes with adjustable back rest
• Shopping bag beneath the seat and shopping basket
• Robust wheel system, large for adaption in various terrains
• A highly flexible buggy, jogger style
• Fit for kids from birth age


There are many advantages in the Hauck Viper Jogger – Caviar/Grey, including convenience, safety, and security.
– Ease of use – Easier to use than some of the best strollers in the UK market today
– Comfort – Highly comfortable for babies of various ages
– Works fine in Ragged terrains – Terrain resistance built, enabled by the firm large wheels and compact structure
– Shopping – The shopping basket makes shopping with the baby interesting


– Assembly – Can be a bit involving to assemble

Overall Review

The Hauck Viper Jogger – Caviar/Beige is among the best strollers UK in 2018 offering great value for money, when comfort, security and flexibility are of paramount importance.

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7. iSafe- OPTIMUM Stroller- Lil

Main features

Developed in the UK, the iSafe-OPTIMUM Stroller – Lil is arguably one of the best baby luxury strollers in the UK for the year 2016. It is built with an iconic design and comes with features that are given an in-depth attention to detail. Its super high-quality materials shows that the iSafe- OPTIMUM Stroller- Lil is designed to last longer than most of the best strollers on the market. As well as excellent features with sleek designs this stroller is manufactured with the sole purpose of ensuring that little babies get the best in terms of coziness and flexibility. It goes a long way to show the iSafe stroller model as one of the top-rated baby stroller. These strollers are the best travel strollers due to their all weather mode and most importantly the fact that they can be fastened to a car. Furthermore, they have 4 recline positions. As one of the best buggy pram for new-born babies and toddlers, they come with a unique-design hood with a large window for parent to view their child. This is another feature which puts the isafe stroller among the top rated baby strollers to buy.
Owing to its super high quality and unique features, the iSafe-OPTIMUM Stroller – Lil is regarded as a very advanced baby stroller by a lot of present day best strollers reviews and ratings. The following is a list of outstanding features for this baby stroller.
· Cup Holder
· Leather Carry Handle
· Unique-Design Hood
· Large Drop-Down Viewing Tablet Pocket
· Unique child Viewing space
· Comfortable Height Handles
· 4 Individual Recline Positions
· A comfy baby sitting area with head and leg support features
· All weather mode
· Superior Quality Suspension
· Sleek, superior Wheel Designs
· Super cool Adjustable Wheel Technology
· Large Shopping Basket
· Easy to apply brake System
· Easy to fold system
· Separate car fastening features
· Carrycot, Sold Separately)
· Superior design All Over Rain cover

· Comes with a matching Changing Bag
· Suitable from Birth
· Features an all-Weather Luxury Liner
· Affordable Prices
· Its Travel and Pram System Compatible are sold Separately
· It is ideal for tall people due to its relatively high frame and handles
· Its price of at least 130 Euros is higher compared to other Strollers
· It is a not a lightweight stroller making it difficult to carry around when folded

Overall Review
The iSafe- OPTIMUM Stroller – Lil weighs approximately 11 kilograms, a height of 107 cm and a seat width of 28- 35 cm, which are standard dimensions for easy to use strollers. For mothers looking for that unique baby stroller, with extra features and state of the art materials, this baby stroller is a perfect match for their desires. To prove its superior quality, the product comes with a 5* year Parts & Labour free Warranty.

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8. Zeta Vooom Stroller (Plum)


This baby Stroller is one of UK’s top-rated Stroller, especially in the cheap strollers category. They mainly boast of high quality at an affordable price of only approximately 69.75 Euros. It is designed with the users’ needs on mind with its beautiful look, and outstanding features, including lightweight parts, a folding system, and the best pram for babies from birth. The Zeta Vooom Stroller (Plum) is developed with four main principles aimed at making it stand out among competitors in the baby stroller industry. These include; the need for baby’s comfort, a need for durability, ease and satisfaction of use, and a pride of ownership. This stroller definitely belongs to the best lightweight stroller category.
o Complete with Rain Cover
o Complete with Luxury Padded Liner in plum
o Large Parent Window
o One Hand Folding Mechanism
o Large Shopping Basket
o 4 Positions Recline
o Adjustable Footrest
o Large Extendable Hood (unique Feature)
o Lockable/swivel Wheels
o Parent View Window Built in The Hood
o Large Storage Pocket Built in The Back of The Hood
o Automatic Locking System
o Ergonomic Handles
o Carry Handle
o Deeply Padded 5 Point Harness
o Unique Push Button Harness

o Matches good quality and affordable price
o Suitable from Birth
o It has a large parent window for checking the baby
o Extra comfort for the baby harnessed by 3 layers of fabric and padding
o Unique One Hand Fold Mechanism
o Best light weight for pushing and carrying
o It has an automatic braking system for sudden and safe brakes for baby’s increased safety.
o Many of its features, such as footrest and wheels are adjustable to ensure increased convenience of use.
o Only ideal for strolling and not for travels as they do not feature travel system compatibility.
o This travel systems stroller is not easy to find in street stores. Mostly, one makes purchases online and waits for a few days for the product to be delivered.

General Review
The Zeta Vooom Stroller (Plum), which weighs approximately 6.9 kilograms, a height of 109 cm and a seat width of 34 cm, is the best lightweight stroller and certainly one of the best selling strollers in 2016 on amazon. Early indications are that it could also end up being one of the best strollers 2017 on the Amazon platform.

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9. Red Kite Baby Push Me (Quatro Cherry)


If you are looking for a cheap stroller that takes the hassle away from any short trip, then consider the red kite baby push me. Ideal for traveling, this cherry colored lightweight pram is easy to use. It has a fully padded comfortable seat and a detachable hood with sun visor making it the best pram for newborns. Furthermore, it only weighs 6.5 kg and can fit perfectly into any car boot.

Includes a shopping basket
Includes a rain cover
Includes a detachable hood with sun cover
The front wheels are lockable
Multi position lie back recline with leg adjustment
Folding stroller for travel

Easy to assemble
Easy to fold
The stroller is lightweight

According to some online baby stroller reviews, the stroller is weak and susceptible to breakage.
It is not suitable for older toddlers.

Our verdict
If you are looking for value for money, then this stroller is your right fit. Unlike most lightweight strollers which are not suitable for newborns, this is the exception. The seat is heavily padded to ensure your baby is comfortable. We do not recommend this lightweight buggy for older babies as it may break.

Red Kite Baby Push Me (Quatro Cherry)

10. Joie Aire Twin Stroller – Pink/Blue


Good things come in pairs! As its name suggests, the Joie Aire twin stroller which weighs 12kg is a double stroller designed for twins or multiples. It comes with an adjustable handle and is suitable from birth up to a maximum of 15 kg. It also comes with a removable bumper bar. The seat is fully padded to ensure your babies are comfortable. Plus it has a one hand recline system and the buggy is able to fold in an instant.


* The Joie Aire twin stroller comes with reversible seat liner.
* It includes a deep shopping basket for carrying items.
* Adjustable seats is possible for each child
* The stroller comes with a rain cover
* The front wheels of the Joie Aire twin stroller are lockable
* Multi position lie back recline with leg adjustment
* It features adjustable calf support for the kids

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– The Joie Aire twin stroller is suitable for toddlers up to 3 years
– It is easy to assemble
– The stroller can fold easily using a one hand automatic fold lock.
– The Joie Aire twin stroller is a lightweight stroller


– The width and length measurements may hinder it from fitting into all car boots and spaces.
– Difficult to push and therefore not recommended for long trips or on rough surfaces
– The Joie Aire twin stroller is color limited to only pink and blue

Our verdict

The Joie Aire twin stroller ranks high in a lot of the best baby strollers reviews UK. It is also regarded as one of the best luxury strollers for twins in the market. Joie Aire’s stroller is ideal as a holiday buggy. Note it is more suitable for older babies unless you purchase a baby head hugger as additional security when handling newborns.

A lightweight buggy can make all the difference when you are traveling with your toddler or even if you tend to use your car or public transport frequently. Due to their lightweight, a lightweight buggy can be easily folded and stored so that they do not take up a lot of space. It is important to buy a stroller that takes into consideration the comfort and safety of the child. Secondary features such as shopping baskets and cup holders come as an extra bonus to make the experience pleasant for all. We hope we have provided you with some valuable reviews on the best travel strollers and this information will act as a guide to your next purchase.

How To Find The Best Strollers To Buy

Now that we’ve checked out the top rated baby strollers of 2018, let us look at useful ways to find the Best Baby Travel System Strollers in UK:

There is hardly any easy strategy for picking out the best baby strollers UK in 2018. There are many, different styles of strollers in the market place ranging from lightweight buggy to luxury baby strollers. Naturally some will be considerably better than others. In addition, there are strollers for special situations such as lightweight strollers for travel, best baby strollers with car seat and newborn strollers to mention a few. How do we set about selecting a pram that’s suitable for our needs? This little guide is not a comprehensive guide but it will give anyone an idea of how to go about looking for a new travel system stroller in 2017

The price and features of the best travel system strollers can vary a great deal. Make certain to have a look at the features of the baby stroller you intend to purchase. There are the expensive stroller brands which can cost a lot of money but does not necessarily offer better functionalities than some very good cheap strollers. There are also lightweight strollers that are easier to carry. Here are some of the recommended tactics to find the best strollers UK in 2018:

Find the best strollers with the help of the internet

Has the vendor recalled the baby stroller for stability reasons? If so, you might wish to re-think. This can be very easily handled on-line. Look on the web and take a look at the manufacturer’s website. Browse through other purchasers testimonials on Amazon . com and check out their experiences with the baby stroller. If you travel a lot with your baby in tow, then look for the best lightweight stroller for travel.

Family and friends can advise on the best strollers to buy

Colleagues can have plenty of realistic advice for you if you are planning to acquire much the same kind of baby pram or 3 in 1 stroller as themselves. They could recommend the best travel system strollers and tell you about the good stuff based on their experiences. They’ll advise you on the negative areas. They will supply you with valuable info. You should not hesitate to ask around. Fellow workers might let other folks be aware of what you’re looking to buy and you’ll get to learn about their historical experiences with targeted brands of pushchairs.

Use a Pram Store to find your best stroller

This is certainly worth looking into. However this can be of small importance.

Ask the staff members inside the shop to let you try out a baby stroller. They can be helpful in most cases and guide you towards the best pram for newborn, especially if you ask nicely. Take the baby stroller of your choice for a wander around the store. Evaluate the flexibility of the stroller inside the shop. Will the pram fit between the isles within the shop? Fold the infant stroller and unfold it again. Just how difficult is the baby stroller to fold up? Is this particular infant stroller heavy? Is the baby stroller too bulky to pick up? Could the seat be adjusted effortlessly?

The best strollers UK come with Guarantee

This is an important point that most people overlook when searching for the best strollers on the market. If the supplier of a buggy has trust in the pushchair, they are going to offer a longer period guarantee and support. Companies don’t expect their pushchair to snap during the course of the money back guarantee period. The longer the guarantee, the more durable the stroller is likely to be. The guarantee should make sure that in the unfortunate event that the pushchair does break, the manufacturer will handle the expenses of the damage. Check if there are many items that the guarantee doesn’t handle. Determine what is not insured in the guarantee. With top rated baby strollers, normal wearing out is as a rule protected by way of product guarantee. Theft and similar losses may well not be included.

Hiring an Infant stroller

This is one of the best techniques to find the best stroller for your needs. This option will work best if you don’t currently have a pram. If you hire travel system stroller, you will be able to test drive lots of different strollers and find their sound and low aspects. For how long you rent a baby stroller for this purpose is entirely your decision. Renting as a means of finding the best strollers to buy should only be done temporarily due to the fact that it can be expensive. Otherwise you could be better off just spending the cash on a new pushchair. Renting a pram long term may be pricey.

Find your best stroller using online product reviews

Best baby stroller reviews on the internet are an impressively useful means of looking over what people today think are the top strollers to buy. Folks provide their opinions of the best strollers that they have owned and used so that other customers will be able to look at them. The majority of people are truthful about their product reviews and they rate the strollers on different attributes including manoeuvrability, comfort, essential accessories, collapsing, capacity etc. Internet user best strollers reviews are a fairly important aspect of one’s basic research into infant pushchairs.