Best Double Pushchairs UK Reviews

Double pushchairs are great prams, suitable for two babies, or a toddler and a bay. they are in most cases suitable for babies from birth to around the age of 4. Here are some of the most popular double pushchairs for your perusal.

1. Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair – Oxford

Product Description

A tandem pushchair and product manufactured by Graco, the Graco Stadium Duo is suitable for 2 babies, one in the front seat and the other in the rear seat. At the front, the position is more suitable for babies 6 months and above while the back seat may suit a child from the age of birth. It is easy to work with, maneuver around and fold. The back and front seats can incline to various positions. The wheels are lockable and it’s easy to maneuver with on different terrains.

Product Features
• Firm quality frame with2 x 5 harness for added comfort and safety
• Hood canopy for protection
• Easy fold, space saving to fit in standard doors
• Rear seat elevated
• Transparent window in hood to allow maximum visibility

– The light weight of the pram makes it quite easy to operate, ride and transport.
– As compared to most other variants, the Graco stadium has superb value for money.

– Riding can be a bit challenging for a short parents, 5 ft 3 and below.

Overall Review
A highly convenient product, quite ideal where kids are close in age. It can be a great investment if it matches your budget.

Double Pushchairs Reviews

2. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Tandem Pushchair

Product Description
The baby trend Tandem pushchair, sit and stand is an ideal addition to your baby strolling experience, accommodating two kids at once. The older baby can stand or sit in the rear seat while the younger one sits or lies in the front seat. It also comes with a car seat accepting feature, which makes it convenient when getting your baby from the car, you don’t have to wake them.

Product Features
• Constructed with sturdy seating and standing support features
• Parent tray
• Fast and Easy to fold
• Rear seat is removable to make it seat and stand
• One touch foot brake
• Children can sit in the front and rear seats of this stroller or stand on the rear platform
• Accepts two infant car seats: (for better fit and performance you may need to remove the canopy of the stroller)

– Ideal for two kids use. One child can stand or sit on the rear, while the other can sit or lie down in the front seat.
– High flexibility, providing your children with the support they need growing.

– Folding down can be a challenge without instructions.
– The product’s large size and weight may also bring problems if you are alone, especially getting it out of the vehicle.
– The basket is located beneath the seat, a placement that makes it somewhat not easily accessible.
– Strolling on a raged surface may be challenging.

Overall Review
Owing to the great value it comes with, the Sit and stand product can be ideal for parents with two kids.

Double Pushchairs Reviews

3. Graco Trekko Duo Pushchair – Sport Luxe

Product Description
Another great double pushchair is the Graco Trekko. With two comfortable seats ideal for two kids that are of close ages, the Graco Trekko Duo Pushchair is the other name for convenience. The two seats are highly flexible, with 2 and 4 inclining positions respectively for the front and back seats. It is ideal for 2 babies from the age of birth onwards, the back seat being suitable for the younger baby. You can easily transform the convertible stroller into a tandem, folding is easy and can be done with one hand.

Product Features
• Convertible into a tandem with high versatility.
• Comes with a separate feature for car seat.
• Easy fold, one hand.
• Detachable secondary seat.
• Reclining positions for back and front seat for added comfort.

– The main significant benefit of the Glaco Trekko duo is its great price and convenience as compared to having two strollers or leaving one kid when you go out with the other.
– The car seat feature also makes it easy for you to carry the baby from the car without waking the.

– The product may not be so ideal for kids farther apart in age

Overall Review
If you have two kids that are not so far apart in their age, the Graco Trekko Duo Pushchair can be ideal for you, both in terms of price value and convenience. tandem pushchair