CHIPOLINO Push Chair (Paris Mocca)

CHIPOLINO Push Chair (Paris Mocca)

Description of the Product

The CHIPOLINO Pushchair (Paris Mocca) is a baby travel product with a great design and a number of features not seen in most alternative pushchairs. Some of its unique features include the double food tray for the baby, as well the 7 position adjustable handle height. The seat and 5-point harness are well padded and adjustable to meet the comfort and safety needs of your baby. The flexible rear wheels with brakes also add to the safety and flexibility equation.

List of Features

• 7-position adjustable handle height
• Flexible rear wheels with brakes for added safety and comfort
• Double food tray for the baby
• 5-point adjustable harness


• High degree of safety
• Added baby feeding features
• Great value for the money


• New product in the market – lacks much popularity

Overall Review

This Bulgarian pushchair can be a great investment for the money and it is surely one of the best pushchairs to buy for maximum baby safety and comfort.